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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone, I am Jasmine. I live on the island of Oahu, toward the north. I live with my 7 yr old son, his name is Garrett. We are plan to have CAG baby in 2 weeks. I found a CAG breeder in Ewa Beach area, and she is a very good breeder and very helpful.


The rodent problem here is getting crazy this year, and I am trying to get them dead or out of our house as fast as I can before the baby arrives.


I have read many books abut CAG or just parrots, and I am ready for have a CAG as part of my family. I also have a dog (Bichon Frise), 4 yrs old, his name is Fluffy, he is also a part of our family. Believe or not, he is spoiled nuts. Then there are the rodents and bugs that live in and around our property which are not belong to our family, and we trying to kill and get rid of them as much as we can when we see them.


I am very anxious to see my new baby, and I can't wait to bring him home to live with us.


My digital camera is broken now, and need to buy a new one later. When I have the baby home, I will try to send some pictures when I get my new camera.


So long everyone.

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Jasmine welcome to the forum :)


I'm sure you will like it here ;)


That sounds like a serious problem, those rodents.

I wouldn't know how dangerous that actually is with a baby grey around :blush: but I would personally never let this baby out of my sight if I'd know a rodent could get to it...

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Aloha Jasmine!


We live on Maui but our little Makena is from Oahu! We got him from a breeder in Kaneohe about a month ago. I believe they have another one if you are interested in shopping around. PM me if you want more info...


I feel you on the bug/rodent problem. Luckily we just moved into a new condo that as of yet (knock on wood) hasn't been invested with anything but welcomed geckos! Our last condo though was full of living creatures :sick: !


Also a tip for you... Apparently there is a problem with bird lice in Hawaii. Mainly due to all the pigeons, mynas, doves and chickens running around that are infested with them. Make sure when you do your first wellness check you have your vet stick a feather under the microscope and check for nits. Don't worry they don't affect humans and they are easy to get rid of on birds ($10 bottle of lice spray)... It took us a lot of freaking out before we figured that out :pinch: !!


So welcome to the forums! I like yourself am a new member and have found this site so helpful and I know you will too!! Feel free to PM me anytime if you have any questions about my experience with getting a bird in Hawaii. Aloha!

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Hello and welcome to the family, Jasmine, glad to have another member from Hawaii. I know you will love it here on this forum and we are like a second family.


Sorry to hear about the rodent problem, but I wouldn't worry too much about them harming your new grey, of course no one wants these rodents around but your new grey will make fast work of any that do decide to venture into its cage.


Please do send us a photo when you can, we love to look at pictures of each other's birds.

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