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Calcium for Greys


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This is a follow up to a post by GrEYgoose who correctly points out that Harrisons pellets contain calcium...


There are many Pellet Manufacturers that make special diets for African Greys which are supplemented with additional calcium,but how much pellet is your bird eating ? is the calcium level sufficient ?

So we need to ask How much additional calcium are they getting when you look at the overall diet?

It is important for greys to have a good natural calcium source in their diet. Dark leafy greened vegetables have a high calcium level and should be offered alongside a pelleted/ seed based diet.Foods included in this group are..

Beet Greens

Broccoli Leaves

Broccoli Stem

Cabbage (outside green leaves)



Chinese Cabbage

Collards (cooked)

Dandelion Greens




Lettuce Dark Green Leaf

Mustard Greens

Along with dairy products, cheese, egg, yogurt which can be fed within moderation.


Care must be taken with vitamin supplements not to provide too much calcium.Calcium levels should be checked during your annual vet visit/ well bird check to ensure the appropriate calcium levels are met.<br><br>Post edited by: lovemyGreys, at: 2007/08/28 14:46

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Good information on Calcium in the Grey. :)


Also, for proper Calicium absorbtion, it needs Vitamin D3. Exposure to natural, unfiltered sunlight (not through glass or plastic) or exposure to a full-spectrum fluorescent light or an ultraviolet light ( particularly UVB )and placed within 18 inches of the cage will provide this.


Most formulated diets should contain adequate amounts of vitamin D3 also, but I personally prefer natural Sunlight and/or indoor lighting as described above. B)<br><br>Post edited by: danmcq, at: 2007/08/28 14:48

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Almonds are also decent sources of calcium. I offer 2 almonds every day in addition to broccoli, leafy greens, carrots and all kinds of other fresh stuff. I like the almonds in the shell and I start them open with a nutcracker. This also lets me inspect it for any rot, mold etc (though I have not had any problem with this)...

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Guest briansmum

brian doesn't like any leafy greens, he just wont touch them and believe me i've tried loads of different ways. he has harrisons high potency ever day, egg with the shell once a week and porridge a couple of times a week made the the lactose, soy free "milk" i found which has calcium. do you think this will be enough? i think i'll get some almonds too..

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Hi Beccy...Athena was a little picky at first too but I just kept putting the vegetables in her bowl. I also eat them in front of her, and make all kinds of noises about how good they are, which will usually get her curious enough to take a bite. Most of the time she realizes she likes the food after one bite.


The trick that has worked the best with her - I put a piece of food in my mouth (like a celery stick) and she will go nuts tearing into the end of it. She loves it when I feed her birdy style. She will eat anything that way, even her hated foods like brocolli!

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Guest briansmum

i've tried that with brian, but once he figures out the food im making such a fuss over is that green stuff he hates so much he loses interest :lol:

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