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Moth traps.


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;) i've looked everywhere this morning for moth traps. i was in the bug forum yesterday complaining about bugs, but found out they were moths. someone said to buy moth traps and i can't find them.. Also a few said to keep food in freezer or refrigerator.. which is best to kill these horrible creatures. i'm new here, but i didn't know how to post in the forum i was in last night. i couldn't find the post button.lol
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Most of the sites that sell bird food also sells the traps. I use them in my cupboards and they get full of the moths.


Keep the bulk of the food in the freezer and what you are going to use in the next few days in the fridge, that way you at least cut down on the bugs, but it doesn't kill them completely.

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i can't find moth traps anywhere. only bird store we have is where i bought this moth infested food and i will not go back there, but i found these sticky fly traps. put them up , one on each floor and wow, you should see all the moths. i'm still seeing a few, but not too bad.. try it

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