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Help,Eye closed and vision loss


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My 4 year old CAG started to hold his eye shut last week. Took him to the vet and he got a large goober out of it . He gave us a sab to put in but now he thinks it was not an infection but possibly neurologic . He is testing for chlymidia,a urinalisis, lead poison. He has no vision now in that eye

Any other thoughts would help?

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Guest briansmum

oh dear poor little guy. i dont think theres anything we can say really, you took him straight to a vet which was the right thing to do, i guess it's just a case of waiting for the reults, which i know can't be easy.


in the mean time i'd make sure the eye doesnt dry out and take away anything that could irritate it, toys etc.


my thoughts are with you, please let us know what happens.

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Hi Sampson,


Wow, I am sorry to hear that.


It sounds like your vet is doing and testing everything he can now.


Did he mention what the "Goober" may have been?


Does the vet know that he has lost vision in that eye now?


None of us are Vets, but there may be someone here that has had a similar experience with sight loss and a cause.


Please keep us posted on the findings and outcome of this. It will be very valuable information for all of us.

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The vet was referred by another vet. I was shocked when I called the vet we were using and told her about the eye and she said to monitor him. We then went to this new vet immediatley. There are only 3 board certified vets in PA. He is not one of them. It's hard to find a good avian vet. If you know of any in southeastern PA let me know


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I am sorry to hear about this, Sampson, my heart goes out to you.


Tari is right, not all certified avian vets are listed, you just have to persevere to find out if any are in your area.


Keep us informed as you find out any new information, we care about you and your bird.

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