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Beckett really likes avi-cakes. Is it better to give him those than a seed based diet? How many should she get a day? Does anyone else give them to their TAG's or CAG's as the main base of their diet?


I got the free sample of Harrisons pellets today - thank you for the post about the free sample - and I nibbled on one in front of Beck - she came over and tried to take it out of my hand. She was very cute - and actually ate it, so I may end up getting some and try to get her to eat that as the base.


Interestingly enough - I liked them too!

glad I don't have a cat any more - imagine eating cat food!!!!

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I'm with Monique, i have never heard of avi- cakes.

What kind of product is it ? Do you have a run down of the ingredients ?


If you want to get Beck to eat the pellets as her base diet and she is currently on a seed diet it is advised to wean her over to the pellets gradually ,Add a few pellets to her seed & each day decrease the seed & up the pellet amount.

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I have found a link on Avi -cakes for you guys to check out,I hadn't heard of then until today,


They are made from 50% seed & 50% pellet held together by a molasses ! Molasses or treacle is a thick syrup by-product from the processing of the sugarcane or sugar beet into sugar. I would not recommend feeding as a whole meal as the site suggests but this is my personal opinion,i would use sparingly more as a treat.See what you guys think.



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Guest Monique

I agree with xxbeccyxx and lovemygreys - good treat not a wholesome 100% diet, though. They sound like something that might be tastey for me to try :) I try all my birds foods. Even the fruity pellets taste like nuts to me! :)

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