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Bratty baby budgies


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I've ended up handraising some budgie babies. Short version, young first time parents who were very fertile with limited parenting skills.

I have to say never again, these guys are most incredible brats. They're loud for their size, borderline hyperactive and really hurt with the nips. However they are so incredibly cute you just can't help but love them. Anyway one of the little brats gave me the cue that it was time to move onto the weaning cage when I cam in to see this happening..




and next door is a couple of baby 'tiels that I'm h/r atm too. These guys are absolute sweeties.

100_0021_640x480.jpg<br><br>Post edited by: Percysmum, at: 2007/08/25 00:28

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The budgies have been pretty easy to feed, it's the over the top personalities that wear a bit thin at times.:blink: I really enjoy feeding the cockatiels, they're real sweeties. They literally fall over themselves when it's feeding time wating their turn. My GCCs are on their first lot of eggs atm so hoping for bubs in a few weeks and then with any luck the Nandays will go down too. I've been breeding on and off for about 20 years but this year has been my first time handraising. I love it but it can also be absolutely heartbreaking when things go wrong.

Having said all this my grey will be fully weaned by the breeder. I may know how to handraise, but would prefer my grey to be done by someone with alot more experience.<br><br>Post edited by: Percysmum, at: 2007/08/25 23:47

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Oh I know and it is so worry some. Is he breathing weird? did I feed to much? did I feed enough? Are they gainging weight? is that one to small? Is that wing deformed?

Anyway you know where Im coming from. lol

I have been handfeding for 11 years and it still worries me.

But in the end the rewards are so worth it.

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Guest Monique

Thank you for the pictures!! What a cutie! I didn't know budgies nipped and I certainly wouldn't have imagined it to hurt! :)

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Oh yeah they nip and they hang on. It's like being pinched hard by someone with really sharp nails espiecially when they get that area between your thumb and finger. Ouch. I grew up with GSC2s and RB2s and had a really nasty bite from one of the GSC2s while transferring it from transport cage to aviary (beak wrapped around the wrist) but while it hurt and broke skin it wasn't the sharp sting that budgies manage to inflict and given a chance will continue to if they're in a mood and on a roll.

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