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Half moon conure


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I am so glad we have this section for other birds because they are just as wonderful, I had a horrible day at work and brought it home with me last night and was crying in the front room, when I hear my little Shorty calling from his cage step up, so I went and got him out and I have never seen him so calm and lovable I assure you he knew I was upset. He gave me tons of kisses and snuggled up against my chest and said "peekaboo I love you" over and over. I noticed after awhile he was nodding off to sleep so I put him back in his cage feeling much better. My Hubby who isn't much of a bird person but knows I love them, so he tolerates them commented as we were going to bed "Never thought I would see the day a pea sized bird can comfort my wife better than I can....LOL

Guess he just needs to learn how to say "peekaboo I love you"

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Shorty was very in tune to your feelings and knew you were upset, how comforting he was to you and he worked his magic trick in making you feel better, what a sweet little story of how a small little bird can work such a miracle, thanks for sharing it with us.

Yes please share a picture of Shorty.

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Thank you for sharing that, that was a lovely little story! Made me think of the other day when I was upset and I went into the boys' room and just started crying. Marcus was his empathic self but it was Beaker, our Quaker parrot, who made me crack a smile and then laugh. I just was crying in front of his cage and he looked straight at me and said, "Good boy!" Now, Beaker hardly EVER says anything just out of the blue like that, and I knew immediately he was trying to be comforting in his own little way. So I laughed, feeling very appreciative that I was a 'good boy' in his eyes. Yes, the small parrots can have hearts as large as the bigger ones! :)

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