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Fall coming, and temperature changes?


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Hello everyone, I live in Northern Jersey and we had a day last week when the high temp was only 58 degrees. I am wondering can I take my grey with me on her aviator leash when it's cooler,or do I need to stop doing this in the Fall and winter? I have seen bird sweaters, and as crazy as I thought that was- is it really? Looks like we are going to have a heat wave tomorrow, so I won't have to worry for awhile longer... I thought it might be nice for Zuri to attend my daughters fall soccer games.... Hope she can! Let me know before it gets too cold... Thank you! lovemybird!

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As long as the outings are not long and you don't keep your house to warm (we run very little heat here cause it dries everyone out) and you only go out for short periods your bird should be fine.

Unless it is freezing weather then no can't go out.

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Guest briansmum

cool should be fine as tari said as long as it's not cold and you're not out too long. and take a blanket just incase you need to warm her. :)

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