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Plastic- Can it hurt him?


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Hi Forum,


Brutus loves to shred plastic toys, and to remove plastic screw tops from plastic bottles.


I was wondering if I should allow this?


He seems to spit out the pieces, but I do not know if he spits out ALL of them. So many bird toys are made of plastic. I worry about Bisphenyl A. What do you think?

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I find conflicting information on this substance commonly called BPA, some say it is safe and some say not, who knows but maybe someone on this forum knows more as right now I sort of feel like not allowing my birds to chew on them until I find out for sure, good question Chezron.

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I also have plastic baby toys. So far none are shredded but they are pretty banged up. My Grey loves playing with plastic bottles too. the only ones I ever give her though are water bottles. She likes taking the cap off and then the little plastic ring. When she gets one it's supervised play only. I'm worried about the possibility of choking so if I see that she's going a little overboard with the shredding, it goes in the trash.

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