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sour crop


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She can have an infection. Phenix got a bad one from eating & drinking out of the dog's bowls, little probelm child!


You said she was living in filth & eating canned veggies, which were likely allowed to turn. By all means, see if the vet can see her as soon as possible.


Glad you spotted that so quickly. Please let us know how it turns out.

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Sour crop usually has to do with chicks that are still on formula. ( is your bird weaned) There could be something lodged in her mouth. It could be from a toy or food or soft items which can be shred. If she's still eating and drinking, that item would be very tiny. Sometimes, the tongue doesn't roll back the food completely to the back of the throat. Eventually, it does but can take a while.

Try to prepare some oatmeal ( flavored is more accepted by picky eaters) Don't give hard foods but in general, watch to see if she's wanting to eat. Don't try to push the throat up or down. Watch her activity. Call the vet again and explain in detail what you're seeing and what unusual things she's doing since you've noticed this. He may say to bring the bird in quickly.

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Well, Greywings just about said all the things I was about to say. By watching him eat oatmeal, you'll be able to see

1--how fast he swallows it

2--if he wants more

3--if he has a positive reaction to it.


In the future, if he takes to oatmeal, you should give him a coffee scoop of it once in a while. It can't hurt. It'll be considered a treat. It's not harmful. It doesn't give off bad reactions when it's mixed in with other foods in the stomach. It doesn't affect the stool. It doesn't cause diarhhea.

I get the Quaker Oats 10 pk . It has all different flavors. Every bird I have jumps all over the place when a package is opened and the water is boiling. Just give it warm. My wife also eats the same thing so they even get a little more each time. With my 2 quakers, I have to put the spoon in their food cups because they'll bite me if I don't release it in time. They insist on holding the spoon when eating it. After that I can't go near them until they're finished. OR ELSE-- WHAM!!!!!


PS--make sure you follow through with that vet appt.

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Dave she is weaned she is 6 or 7 years old they can't remember which. She does have an appt tomorrow at 1:30, I read on line about giving her some papaya baby food. It is suppose to help digest the food. I will give the oatmeal a try as well. Thanks Karen

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