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I am starting to worry about the situation between my Zon Lucy and hubby she is without a doubt one of the loudest birds you could ever come across but she truly doesn't bother me to the degree she does him. I love to hear ss very much and I know that is why she doesn't bother me. I try it keep her with me as much as possiblebecause that is when she is the most quite. but I can't forever continue to do that, I need help.

Thanks, Karen

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Hi Karcar. I don`t know if I can be of any help but we do have a blue fronted amazon that we rehomed almost 2 years ago that came from less than ideal cnnditions.

Her name is Cricket and she has tuened out to be a great family member. I don`t know how your hubby feels about your zon but if he could take some time with Lucy and talk to her

and start a friendship it might help

My wife son and I have Cricket out with us for breakfast along with Corky our CAG every morning and we talk to them and we eat together and share our food.

This has made a family bond and except for their morning and evening calls they are just happy to be with us and to play on their t stand or in their cage. During the day they will call out to us and

when we call back they are happy and go on with their play.

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I have a 2 1/2 year old re-homed blue-fronted zon also. Louie is still quite leery of me (he was caged in his old home and not handled) but he loves to come out of his cage. Although he can go throughout the house, he prefers the bird room as it has lots of perches and toys. He is quite busy in there. He does like to get vocal a couple of times a day and I just talk to him to redirect his energy. After a little attention he is fine again. He does love to bathe in his water bowl so I mist him a lot.

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