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Sex drive in over drive


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Has anyone got any experience with eclectus females going thru puberty? Kura's having a tough time, again. She's antsy, posturing, aggressive with her toys, snippy. A whole lot of the usual sex drive in overdrive type behavior. A whole lot.


I read everything I could find about ekkie hormonal behavior after she feather barbered herself this spring. There are a lot of different theories about diet, light, sleep & pretty much everything else.


I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions from personal experience. I really want to try to head off any more feather destruction. I'm also afraid she may start laying eggs. There, again, I've read multiple theories about what's best if that happens.


The only extremely hormonal bird I've had was a tiel. The only solution with Theo was to let her breed. I'm really hoping this isn't the case with Kura. I don't think I'm equipt to breed ekkies.

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LOL Thanks, but I'm not sure a guy from the Evergreen State is going to interest my girl from the Bay State just now. I'll ask Kura, but I don't think a long distance relationship is exactly what she's got in mind.


She's also got an admirer... comes from a good home, nice family, sweet boy. :) I knew Kiwi Mai Tai before I knew Kura & they've been spending time together for a few years, now.


The first time they met, we set them on the deck in their carriers. Kura did the ekkie freeze. Kiwi immediately started bobbing, toe tapping, eyes pinning & yelled,"SNACK !!!" We were rolling!


However we may have translated that, it meant love at first sight to Kiwi. Under the circumstance that also means they haven't been allowed to see each other this year. :(

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