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Soooo Quiet

Ray P

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Awww yes it is very quiet here in the Amazon Room. Jay you need to quit lounging around and come tend to business!!!!! I am praying for you Zon Man so get well soon.


On a note about our zons, Louie is a real smarty pants. I have posted about his and Ana Grey's feud for dominance in the flock and Louie being the bigger of the two has an advantage. Anyway, last night at bedtime I was trying to get Ana Grey in her cage, she can be stubborn at times and I was voicing my disapproval very strongly. Louie being the smart zon he is, always tries to out maneuver Ana Grey so he immediately flew over to his cage and hopped right in. I, of course, immediately ran over and closed his cage door with oodles of approving words and cooing sounds, he was beaming like a green neon sign. Ana Grey quietly snuck into her cage and pretended that she was going there all the time. Why she wasn't going to be out done by that big green lout!!!!! Love my green lantern!!!!


Be well soon Jay!!!

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Hi jayd and luvparrots. Sorry I did not mean to leave you out of my post. I allways look for your poat and enjoy them very much.

I gess what I want to say as a member of this forum and a caretaker of a zon I should step up and help more to keep this room active.

I will do everything I can to help. Some times life gets in the way.



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