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Emergency Vet Call?


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You walk into your bird room to say good bye and have a good day to your birds and expect to hear the normal "go to work, see you later". But instead you see your grey, who looks like a character from the texas chain saw masacre, your heart drops like a rock to somewhere in your stomach and you rush to find the phone.........."yummmmm"


Stop and take a deep breath.......Who knew that pommegrante would look like a murder scene????


Ooooh eeem geee!!!!


I'll be coloring my GREY hair this weekend!!

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When I first got my bird, I knew very little about parrots. Lurking and stalking on this forum has been a life saver for me and for Rebel. For instance, I now know that she needs a cage to sleep and to play in as opposed to hanging her upside down in the closet. The banging and knocking around in that closet was getting rather annoying. Anyway.....


When I got her she had the most beautiful blue green antique tarnished color around her eyes and on her feet. I was in awe of that color and bragged about it to everyone....just look at those colors!! Well when I found out, by reading through this forum, that they needed baths, I discovered it was the pretty blue chalky perch that did it.


Anyway, Again........I think I have successfully washed my beautiful PINK bird. Pictures, she would have nothing to do with that. Why do they hate cameras so much?


Lessons Learned: Pumpkin and Pommies are supervised food sources (it's like front row at a Gallagher show)....and wear shoes when your FID is anywhere near the ground!! (hmmmm, maybe we should start a lessons learned thread... so so many!!!)

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Dan, I'm so glad you mentioned that!! Had I not known to expect it, that sight would have had me in the car on the way to the vet.


Right now, I'm just considering the entire bird room a work of art. Saturday morning everything gets moved out and power washed, even the birds!!

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