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My Gracie loves the toy I made for her. Its simple and costs pennys. All it is, is a used washed plastic soda bottle with the cap. I drilled a hole in the cap and using a piece of leather I hung it frome the top of the cage. Gracie will hang upside down from the top of her cage squaking while she attacks the bottle. I made another one where I cut some holes and put treats inside.

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The fids really do like bottle caps, don't they. Last night I was playing with one with Kura. After, I put it into her cage with her. She spent half an hour trying to use it to bring water from her water dish to her food dish. About all she had left was drips by the time she'd get there. But it was fun to watch.

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Watch your bird and see if your bird discards the plastic bits or not. No bird toy is 100% safe, so all toys should be introduced carefully. Watch your bird and make sure they don't want to eat any part of it.


For example, my AG ingests the leather from leather string. I called the vet to ask if this was ok (had already removed the toy) and the vet said it is not ok, and to not let her have access to leather string. My 'Too, however, chews off bits of the leather and discards them, so he can have leather string on his toys.


I, too, was very worried about plastic (and foam! Have you all seen how many bird toys have foam pieces now?) so for years I would not let my birds have anything with plastic. But I was told to watch the birds, and that the birds would most likely NOT ingest the plastic. And indeed this is the case, so I don't worry about the plastic bits anymore, and my birds have a great time.


I've given my birds empty, cleaned 16-ounce water bottles with colored popsicle sticks in them and the occasional pistachio or pepitas in them and my birds lovvvvvvvve this toy. Even if you just place the bottle into an empty food crock, they get curious and go over and have a great time figuring out how to get the goodies out from inside the bottle.


Hope this is helpful.

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Babalu clearly likes the game of "Take the cap off so Mommy can go get it." :::laughs::: My AG does that with a little porcupine type toy to me. Takes it from the crock, chucks it overboard, then tells me to "C'mere!" and then looks at the cage floor as if to tell me to pick it up for her. Ha! They are hilarious.

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