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Whoops! Harvey and the Jellybean!!!


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My husband was sitting eating jellybeans whilst watching the football (that's the proper, round ball version!!!) when Harvey flung himself off his tree and launched himself onto my husband's knee and pinched a jellybean!


Off he flew back to his tree, with the jellbean firmly wedged in his beak. I just thought I'd let him have it (he doesn't have any other junk food)! Oh he got his comeuppence! The jellybean obviously got soggy and was stuck under his beak! I have never laughed so much at him "clacking" his beak trying to "ungunge" himself!


Needless to say, once he'd got the slop out and had a drink to cleanse his palate, he didn't try and get another!!!! He'll not do that again I bet ya!

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That will teach him not to grab everything he sees, I bet that was a sight seeing Harvey work up that jellybean in his beak!

Speaking of that "proper round ball version" you must be talking about soccer for everyone knows that "football" is played with an oval ball!

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