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Sunday morning 7


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Another hiking on Oct 31st.


I asked WowWow, the doggie who stays on the hill top to follow me to the waterfall. This was my 1st hike to the waterfall. I went there with a friend today.

As this trail was very deserted, not even a soul could be seen, we got lost mid way... not exactly lost, we took the wrong trail. WowWow was taking the lead and he disappeared as we walked slower than him.

Suddenly he appeared from nowhere and then he led us to the correct trail. We followed him till we reached the waterfall. This doggie is very smart. He knew we were going to the waterfall. I gave him some food and then he left us.


View the photos here.



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Gorgeous pics! (Save for the last two! Ewwww!)


Where in the world are you? I looked on your profile but didn't see a location. :-(


Thanks for the pics. Looks like a fantastic place to spend time, indeed.

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