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Harvey's Latest Favourite Position!


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As my older friends already know, and newer members will have gathered - Harvey's not quite normal (well, saying that, plenty would say like his owner)!


It's my fault entirely for teaching him to do this, but he will stay in the following position as long as I rock him!! He really does think he's a human baby!


This picture is in my arms - but he will quite happily lie on my lap, my chest, my bed, the ironing board (oh yes, you read it right)! He's a little strange........!!



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Well, well Jill getting a little kinky there now!!!!! The picture is great but the ironing board!!!! Naww!!!!


Honestly! He is obsessed with the ironing board and when I have it out the first thing he does is fly over. I then get him to step up and he swings upside down straight away! I just plonk him down on the ironing board and chat away to him - then throw him back across them room when the steam is ready! (now everyone, before you all think I am a tyrant - Harvey is fully flighted and can find his way around the house without my help)!!!

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Jill, Murphy does the exact same thing, lies on his back. He will stay there for as long as I give him tickles, soon as I stop he wants up. I can also place up that way on any flat surface without fuss.


I've been meaning to get Kate to take some pictures while I'm holding him so I can post them on here.

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Jill, Harvey is just like his human ..... STRANGE! Not exactly, Dixie loves to hang upside down and swing, and when I get tired of swinging her upside down I flop her on my arm like a baby and we rock (and sing of course). She will lay there until i stop rocking. She loves to lay on her back on LP's chest and watch tv, it's funny. I don't use an ironing board any more (steam dryer) so we settle for the ottoman.

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