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Spock...Food Critic Extraordinaire....


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Yesterday, I was preparing the usual fare for all our fids...this usually takes at least an hour of prep and then an assembly line is formed for 10 plates of food with different items in different sizes depending on which one was being fed...

Spock is usually kept busy or distracted because his help is not really needed or wanted for that matter...LOL...but that day, he was not to be deterred.

I had just finished all the prep and started filling up the various plates and Spock decided to stop on by and supervise...he was very patient and watched carefully while I filled up 5 of the plates but was very careful to wait until I turned my back...

I was standing with my head in the refrigerator and did not notice what he was doing while I was telling him what a good and patient boy he was being...

When I turned around, I saw him standing on one plate and leaning over inspecting the others...he would pick up an item and then throw it over his shoulder, lean over another plate and remove another item and throw it off the counter, hop to the third plate and eat something off that....(now I know why I keep the medicinal wine handy...):P

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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!! Go Spock Go! I would give Gordon Ramsay a ring and ask if he needs a hand in one of his restaurants - but on the other hand, sweet Spock can't be repeating those rude words that Mr Ramsay uses quite frequently!!


Anyway Maggie - you didn't say what Spock favoured the most and didn't throw!!!

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Hahaha....if I recall correctly, it was the pomegranate seeds but it could have been the grape...hhmmm...I don't think he has a favorite...he just likes to bite and throw...LOL...


Hahahahahahahahahaha, go Spock!!! You'll know whether it was a Grape or Pomegranate when you step on one. :P

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