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My First Neo Injury


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And it had nothing to do with him directly. Since I have been researching greys, I have been becoming a better parront. So I have been providing healthier foods for all my fids. Tonight I fixed some steamed rice, peppers, green beans and carrots. I fixed them in the microwave with a piece of plastic film over the bowl. When I took it out of the microwave, the plastic was puffed up and like an IDIOT, I pulled on the edge of the film. MAJOR steam burn on two fingers.


We went to dinner soon after and I sat at the table with my fingers pressed against hubby's cold glass of beer. I'm now trying to type with my fingers bandaged in gauze with Neosporin Plus under the gauze. The lengths we go to for our birds!

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Ouch! Stop typing & go soak your fingers in some aloe vera gel. It's really the best for burn pain.



If only I had some on hand. I'm going with the neosporin on the outside and the wine on the inside for now. By tomorrow, it should be pretty much gone.

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