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My grey showing me his privates through cage


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Ok he has done this on a few different times. Yesterday I took his collar off so he could preen himself collar is on because he mutilates himself anyways he was all hiped up and mad because I wouldn't give him a cracker so he goes in his cage climbs on the side hold one foot up and pushes what looks to be his penis through the cage I try to ignore this behavior some times when he does it its not because he is mad so I am not sure what his deal is he is 11 years old. Is this sexual frustration or what?

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Oh Jesus, wiping the tears form my eyes from laughing so hard at that mental picture... :P That is odd behavior, but many do crazy things when the are angry or want something.


African Greys nor any other Parrots have a "Penis", the Vasa does have what is called a "Hemi-Penis" which is basically a rather reptilian type obtrusion of the Cloacal enlarged. It would be interesting if you could capture a photo of him when doing this.


Here is Vasa Parrot excited:



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