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Issac Loves Spinning


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So I have this little rope that hangs between Issac's atom and his cage, and recently....he has taken to hanging from this thing...getting all sideways.....flapping a wing...and spinning himself up like 6 or 7 times...then letting it unwind. He gets pretty animated while doing this and I did catch it with my phone camera, but I am having problems getting the format converted. I will post as soon as I can. I guess he doesn't get dizzy cause sometimes he will fly off...do a circle then come back. Definitely one of his new favorite activities.


I am somewhat amazed at how he gets going. It just a quick flip of one of his wings...and he spins like a top.


Anyone elses Grey love to spin out of control?

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That is one of Dixie's favorite things to do - we discovered this by accident as well - a piece of rope was hanging down her swing and she would climb down and then twirl like there was no tomorrow - there is now a swivel hook in the ceiling with a larger piece of rope specifically designed for her to swirl with.....and it is hysterical. Get the video I would love to see it.

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