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I've Experienced Parrot Blood!!


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Yes, whilst I've been away Harvey's had a little "accident" - well, saying "accident" isn't quite true - he meant to do what he did, but didn't expect the consequences!


He was sitting on my knee during "cuddle time" one night, when he spotted the toggle from the end of my hoodie. It is a hard plastic ball thing. He can't do much harm to it so I just let him carry on - it was keeping him quiet. I didn't actually realise the impact it would have on him though........


There was a massive squeal (which I'd never heard before) and he flew back off to his tree. I obviously jumped up to go and see him and there it was - the end of his beak literally dripping in blood. I have to say that if it wasn't for this forum Harvey would have bled to death - but remembering what I'd read I jumped up to the store cupboard for the flour, made him "eat some", where it gathered in a "globule" at the end of his beak. After a short while the bleeding stopped and I surveyed the damage. There was a bit chipped out of his beak which had caused the bleeding.


I kept an eye on him for a couple of days after (soft foods only - he wasn't impressed) and he was soon back to normal and all that was left was a little hairline crack which soon disappeared.


Moral of the story - make sure that you read all the advice given here, store it in the back of your brain and jump into action! It ended well for me, but parrots don't have that much blood to lose - and if it fails to stop - visit a vet swiftly!!!

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Yikes! Was it one of the kind that has a spring inside?


Yeah - it was the one with the spring inside - I think he bit down hard on either side of the flat area that presses in. Needless to say - he doesn't get near it now!


I did have to basically force Harvey to "eat" the flour so it would stick - but I don't panic in situations like this and keep calm (luckily) - but the vet was on hand should it have gone any further. All is well that ends well though :)

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