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Alittle about myself

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I moved to West Virginia about 7 years ago, my father has raised CAG, TAG, and Macaws almost as long as I can remember. His backyard is full of them. Within the past year I got into birds, I guess it is in my blood... HA HA. But I got a Double yellow head and a Blue front given to me from a friend here in WV and called my father because I only wanted to keep the cage. My father traded me for the pair of Amazons for the Congos, because he knows alot of breeders and could get rid of the Amazons really easy. I am originally from Indiana by the way, but anyways, This is my first pair of CAG, I have handfed babies before. And I am really hoping to be hand raising more. He has had the Congos for years and said they were really good breeders. I have had them for probably 4 or 5 months now. The first set of 4 eggs were not fertile, But my father said it was probably because the perch I had in the cage was a 1 inch dowel rod. He said I needed a bigger perch like a tree branch or a 2 X 4. So she could hold onto. Anyways just alittle about me. Thanks Thankyoutweety.gif


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Welcome to the family, Jlbatch, glad you joined. We look forward to hearing more about your breeder birds and stories you may want to share with us. Post some pictures if you have them , we love to look at pics.


Where abouts in West Virginia are you, I ask because I am from Virginia and I have a son in Mineral Wells, WV.

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