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Looking for some breeders.


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OK, so I am still looking for some breeders in Maryland. here is what I have got. . .






Do any of them look good? By good I mean that I would like a small, family breeders that let the babies freeflight, are experienced, and obviously don't gavage feed the babies. Any recommendations?

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There is one in Baltimore that I almost got a baby from but he was sold to someone else before I could get him. They are listed in birdbreeders.com and have a high rating from 15 reviewers.




The link is for the one Congo that they show available right now. (They have others that are adults. This is the only baby that I saw.)

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Wow. Your choices are limited. I looked at the websites thinking I could offer some advice. I researched for over a year before I decided on the breeder I wanted. I wanted a small breeder who didn't have too many babies at one time, DNA sexed, and vaccinated their birds. It doesn't look like you really have this option in your area. I am also against breeders who breed hybrid parrots. It looks like all of the breeders in your area do this, not that it will matter with a Grey, but it's just a practice I don't believe in or want to financially support in any way. If I had to choose one of these, I would most likely go with the first or last one. Good luck! I hope you can find what you are looking for.

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