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Cage, Heating And Toys!!!


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This Is How My Set Is Where My New Baby Grey Will Be Going In 3/4 Weeks.. Its Out In A Extension Has a Boiler behind the the white partition to the right which kinda heats up the extension and has a radiator behind it as u can see.. Its Not Cold Out There During The Day But Nite Time it is cold I Shall Be Rolling Him Into The house For The Nite i have a hut coming as well thich im gonna put up in the cage ----> http://www.24parrot.com/product.asp?pf_id=475112a&QSI=29db1f15-03b6-43c1-adfb-a330e333407b

so this will keep him warm if he ever gets cold there is no real drafts gonna get a door thing for down end of door to keep any kinda cold coming in if there is.... in general he can see the garden etc. he will be there most days while im at college but evenings he will be out and about the house with me for few hours most nites here is pics Cageinextention.jpgExtention.jpg how does it look and will it be ok?? really just need advice on this have all other things covered its a fine big cage for her and plenty of toys to keep her company :-)

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It looks like a nice setup and you have put a lot of thought, time and money into getting it all ready.


I see nothing that would throw up reds flags or missing. The bottom line, will be how you see your new baby reacting once you get him\her home and settled in. As you observe likes and dislikes, you can adjust things by adding, removing or shifting things around a bit.


It always nice to see a new bird owner taking the time to research and ask questions before the bird comes home. :)

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You might take one of those dowel rods out of the cage and put in one of those boings in, most birds love those and mine use them a lot especially my grey but otherwise it looks good, I too like to see someone expecting to bring home a new grey baby make sure they have everything right. I bet you are getting more excited by the moment.

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