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Bug Extermination Question


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Hello everyone...


Well, to my chagrin, we have an exterminator come every few months or so. I've been a bit leery of the thought of chemicals and things seeping into my garden and the like (other than what already does from the neighbors' lawns being sprayed!)--and now with the parrots, I am even more disturbed.


So I was wondering, does anyone know if what the exterminators use might be particularly harmful for parrots, such as Teflon is or plug-in air fresheners and the like? I remember our exterminator once saying he uses something called Phantom. I asked him when he came today just to do the outside doorway of our boys' bedroom (the parrots, naturally), and he said that was fine. Now I have the fans on high and all the windows open. The stuff he sprays is a liquid and it doesn't mist into the air, it's like a stream when he hits the corners and the floorboards with it.


Any thoughts??? Thank you...

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Done a bit of research for you. Phantom is a chemical called Chlorfenapyr, and appears to be extremely toxic to marine animals and birds!!!









http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/resshow/Albers/albers1.htm - WARNING this link contains a picture of a necropsy on a duck, GRAPHIC!!!

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Oh, my goodness: thank you for that find!!! I am glad I didn't let him go in the boys' room then, I've been thinking about talking it over with my hubby not to have an exterminator come out at all anymore--and now I have one more pillar for my argument!


Thank you so much...

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