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Best website for buying toys?


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I'm sick of going to my local pet store or Pet Smart and Petco's online stores. Most of what they sell are toys for smaller birds. That's o.k. for my 'tiels but what about my Grey? Yes, I do scour the infant department at Walmart for toys for her and she has a definite love of baby links, but they can only entertain so much and the small sized toys I'm stuck buying her are soon broke not long after going in the cage. I was fortunate to find one, single, lone, large parrot toy the other day at the pet store, but that's it!


So today I'm on a mission to find some grey't toys, a boing (I hear they're a MUST), and hopefully a large cozy tent that Kaleah can sleep/play in.


Can someone point me in the right direction, please? :D

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For toy and food shopping you can add http://www.birdcages4less.com they were changing website to http://www.petcages4less.com.

Also http://www.busybeaks.com have replacement parts for some toys I purchased thru http://www.drsfosterandsmith.com.

I check out as many sites as possible to locate perfect toys for my CAG and Meyers. Toys for tiels are easy to find!

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