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microchips in parrots?


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Hi I was wanting to gather some opinions on Microchipping parrots...


Is it safe? according to my African Grey book its recomended to only place a microchip if the vet is very experienced placing them in birds and if they are individually packaged (sterile) not bulk packed I'll call and ask my vet about these two things


but I'm very concerned about being able to identify my bird if she is lost or stolen and prove ownership


Anyones birds have microchips? are they useful? has anyone been able to be found due to their birds microchip?




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Thank you for your opinion


I am going to talk to the avian vet about it when we go


I have to say I was crushed when my senegal escaped he had no band and no microchip Everytime I see a friendly senegal I am sobbing because I would never be able to confirm whether he was my bird or not


so this is my reasoning behind the microchip an awful guilty feeling for loosing my loved bird and wanting to do everything to prevent being so powerless again.


but I wouldn't want to do anything harmful so I'm only interested in having a microchip put in if the vet agrees and is experienced in performing the insertion and i'll have to see how it goes because I really don't want the baby traumatized but when I saw the senegal in the petstore yesterday who looked to be quite ragged and was exceptionally friendly towards me i was left with an awful helpless feeling


My grey is microchipped and it gives me peace of mind to know that I can reclaim her if she is lost or stolen. The chip has never been bothersome to her and she has had it for over a year. For the peace of mind I have, it was well worth the cost and I would to it again.
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