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Hi all


Am i the only one that can't open this website? http://www.parrottoyangels.com


I have tried for days now, neither me nor my BF can open it - we are getting an error message from the browser (nomather which browser we use, like Chrome, Firefox, IE)


I really hope anyone here would like to check out if it works, so we can figure out if it is only our computers that have a problem.


I wrote to Parrot Toy Angels a few days ago, and told them about our issue, but according to them t should work fine.

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hmm.. My security should not be a problem. Even when i disable it I still can't get access. This is so weird, one minute it worked fine and the next it stopped working and never did again. Tonight I will call my parents-in-law and ask if they can access. They are on a different computer on a different network, if they can't I guess is has something to do with a server breakdown here in Denmark or something? I really can't figure it out.

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