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cage interior/dishes question


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I'm looking for a new cage for my baby tag coming in the next few weeks


I do NOT have cages to view locally so am having to buy online i'm in canada so my selection is limited


I am wondering if there are any cages without those rings that hold the dishes? my senegal used to dump the light stainless dishes out of the ring and I can only imagine a grey would do the same

as a result I think those rings inside the cage are a hazard and a waste of space since I have alway had to use quick lock crocks anyway and so the dishes that came with the cage sat empty most of the time


I have seen some pictures of a slide in type cup which when removed leaves no ring inside the cage, just a track in the access door--- who is the manufacturer that makes that cage?


alternatively a cage with external feeders would be better


any suggestions? I"m looking to spend a max of 700$ so stainless is out, as well as expandable habitat type custom cages


Are there any cages without rings inside?

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Our cage came with a playtop with the stainless steel cups in rings as well as inside, but we could choose not to use them. Dave007 had an ingenious help for discouraging them to pull the cup out and toss it. I read it a while back, couldn't find it on the search, but it involved bending the stainless cup. Our new cups came with a bump on it that makes it less likely to be pulled out and dumped. I think I used a nail set to do the little dent that Dave suggested. Once I made it harder to get out for the bird, I could still get it out and within a short time, Java stopped trying to pull the cup out.

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The cages that I have have the stainless steel dishes but there is a bar above them that keep them from being pulled out. My Senegal has great fun banging the dish against the bar but it can't be tossed. The playtop dishes are another matter but they never seem to want to toss them. So far, so good!

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There are cages that come with a bar that stops the bird from being able to tip the cups. My last 2 did & they didn't mention anything in the info on the website. With many cages, the cup holders are just screwed into the doors. You can just leave them off when you set up the cage.

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I don't know why i didn't think of unscrewing the rings before... wow talk about a ditsy moment :o I went and checked in my garage and yes indeed the rings can be screwed out of the doors problem solved, now i'll go back to hunting for the perfect cage


And about the bar over the crocks I know that the ez care line of cages has this for sure because our local store has a mini bowfront with those anti tip crocs

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