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Issac - Cute Sounds


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Whenever I come home and take Issac out, one of the first things he does is stretch each one of his wings out one at a time. And when he does this, I can hear him catching air in his throat sort of like someone waking up from a nap. He will even sometimes smack his beak together a couple times like. While he does this, I will lightly kiss him on his soft tummy....and tell him what a pretty bird he is. Just a little ritual we have.


Another cute one is when he will fluff up for what ever reason and do a quick head shake then relax his feathers again. When he does this, he will make a tiny little sound when his head shakes and end up sounding like a little motor boat. (Bbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbr).


And finally...sneezes. Super cute...and I am sure all are familiar with that.


Issac has also started an entirely new noise that looks like another attempt at matching the tone of when I say "Hello" to him. I keep cheering him on. Go boy I know you can do it!


Just a little update...thansk for reading.

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