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I saw an add on Kijji for a baby grey with a birth defect ,one of his feet turns to the right instead of going straight forward the breeder said it was a birth defect but other then that he is a beautiful baby boy , o we think he is a boy lol going to have to do a dna test to find out for sure he is a big grey I weighed when we got home from picking him up and he weighs 420 grams and he is 14 weeks old , his birthday is July 9,2010

I'am going to call the vet in the morning and set up a appointment asap and see what he says about his foot , he gets around really good for haveing a handicap but I have all his perches down low in his cage and the bottom of the cage is padded with papers and a towel just incase soooooooooooo heres Cody





my hubby just adores him :)

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