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An Update on Tui...

Cheshire Cat

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I haven't posted any new threads in a while, but I thought I'd start this considering that I went through a bad patch a couple of months ago with Tui plucking. My fiancee thinks that her plucking was down to the fact that I was going through a very emotional and stressing time at work...later on I left, so Tui may have picked up on my emotion change. Thankfully, she's stopping it. I do see her plucking now and again, but it's very rare. However, at the moment she's going through her first molt so there are always feathers and fluff about the place. Lol! The feathers on her back and under her wings have grown back completely now and her chest looks fluffy. The down has come back, but I'm still waiting for the top layer of feathers to emerge. I'm just happy that she's stopped and is healthy in herself.


She's become a lot more vocal lately. Whenever I leave the room she begins whistling and clicking a storm, but will also do it when I'm watching TV. She's terrible for attention seeking and also drags her food and water pots out of the holders on the side of the cage.


As for baths...well, she hates them. I've tried different ways to bath her. I've taken her in the shower with me so she can see the water won't hurt her and has she's wound up clawing up my chest and neck. Ouch! I even let her sit on the shower curtain rail when I'm in so she can see the water won't harm her and I throw little droplets at her, but she doesn't like that either. Anything with water and she hates it. I've misted her and made her a bath to sit in....nothing works. She just growls and calls out, sometimes so much that I dread the neighbours calling the RSPCA. LOL!


Her behaviour in the last four months though has come in leaps and bounds. At one point she kept flying into the curtains and wouldn't come down. Now she'll fly to the curtains, although not as much, but steps right onto my hand when I reach out for her. The only behaviour which I'm trying to stop her doing is biting other people. She very, very rarely bites me but will sometimes go for my mom and dad which I've got to stop her doing.


Anyway, enough of the essay. I just thought I'd update everyone. :)

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I've still been around posting and reading. I just haven't really had much to say about Tui. Lol. But I thought I'd send everyone an update to let you know how her feather plucking is and how much of a good girl she's become. At the moment as I type this, she's sat on my desk; I move some of my things aside and she sits with me while I'm on the computer.

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