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Hello I am Gracie's human pet


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Hello all

My name is John. I grew up with a parot that was my best friend for many years. Unforutnatly the people that gave us our friend one day decided they wanted her back. I was heart broken. Later our family did get another parot but the bonding was never as quite what we had hoped it would be. I missed that old friend and after a lot of reading and contemplating I started looking for a Grey.

Now I am retired and living in Panama. A wonderful place to live with a parot.

I am what at times feel much like Gracie's human pet. Yes she is spoiled a little. We got Gracie when she was eight months old. I like to think she picked me. When I went to the store and asked about her. The clerk using a stick took her out of the cage. Gracie jumped from the stick to my shoulder and that is where she wanted to say. She is now one and a half years old. Starting to talk a little and jabbers and plays a lot. We are still bonding going through what I understand as the usual ups and downs.

I hope I can through this forum learn how to be the best human pet my little gray buddy could have.

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