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CAG Brothers


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I have to male African Greys (DNA tested), who are brothers. They are both a little over a year old, and I've noticed more squabbling than usual, however they still groom and feed each other. As they sexually mature is there any reason to think that they will fight, or will they probably be okay since they have been together their entire lives?


I'm just wondering if this is an accident waiting to happen, and I've never really heard of two male African Greys being together. Most people probably don't have two male clutch mates, however.




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Nice to have you back Julie and I have one question, do they stay in the same cage?

They are becoming more independent now as they get more mature and they should have a separate cage one for each so they have a place they can call their own, their safe haven. Even though they may spend all their out of cage time together, grooming each other, playing together or feeding one another they do require their own cage. I think they will squabble from time to time and that is all the more reason for separate cages, it doesn't matter how many greys you have they still need a solitary cage for each.

They are still a long ways from being sexually mature but the need still stands even if they are clutch mates as each has his own personality and should be allowed to express his own in his manner and they can do that in separate cages.

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I have two male greys who are unrelated - one is 12 and the other is 3. They live in the same cage and get along great. They do have a squabble every so often, nothing serious and they always kiss and make up. :)


I think yours is the exception to the rule but I still stand by the rule of each bird having their own cage even if they spend their daytime hours in a room of their own, yes they are flock birds but each can appreciate some time to themselves if they want after all we as humans can do with a little alone time even if and especially if we are married. I think it just makes good sense to have separate cages for the day may come they have to be separated for some reason.


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I know quite a few people who have 2 greys housed together without any problems so I don't think mine are an exception to the rule but I know that all birds are different and what works for some may not work for others. I am also prepared incase the day comes that they do need their own cages. I think it is a case of what works best for your own birds :)

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