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Meet Mabel my Severe Macaw.


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Here is some of the story that took place last week.



Yes, there is a severe macaw at the petshop where I purchased Sachi and Emma. I met her more than 2 years ago when I used to visit Emma on a daily basis waiting for her to wean. This macaw is 4 months younger than Emma.


At the time, she was reserved and *sold* to a lady who had also reserved an african grey during the same period of time. Unlike me, this lady did not visit her baby parrots regularly or even weekly. When she would finally visit the parrots would bite her on occasion. She change her mind about buying both of them.confused.gif A few months later the african grey was sold but the girlie severe macaw has been there ever since.frown.gif There had been so much turn over and change of staff at this store. In the midst of everything this parrot had receive less and less physical contact. sad9.gif


I felt very dismayed and discouraged to see her.


I was at the pet shop a few weeks ago to look at fish.


Her behaviour, plumage, and eyes did not look at all like what I was am used to seeing with Sachi and Emma. frown.gif


Being quite upset at the time, I actually considered purchasing her even though I had never been drawn to mini macaws or even held one.frown.gif After a few days of reflection, I decided that I couldn't because it seemed like this macaw's baggage was way too much for me to handle and even though I felt badly, I didn't feel passionate.

Instead I spoke personally to the staff and manager at the pet store and urged them to make sure she received ALOT of daily out of cage time and special attention. I've also been calling them weekly to check on her and visiting her on a weekly basis to bring her lots of enrichment and will continue to do so for as long as she is there. She really loves the Mp stuff, Wings for Things toys and Rosie toys. She destroys everything with alot of relish. She even seems more appreciative of my toys than Emma and Sachi hehe.gifand much better than that very boring toy the pet store provided her.biggrin.gif


I am also very happy to report that the staff and manager genuinely care and have taken my advice and apparently she's been receiving about 3 hours out of cage time and several of them are handling her DAILY. I noticed a big difference in her demeanor last week and I even found out that the manager refused to sell her to this family that had really ROWDY children.biggrin.gif


Today I dropped by to bring her some more toys and one of the staff members *insisted* that I handle her.redface.gif I wasn't sure I wanted to do that because I had never handled a macaw before, never mind one with *issues*.


I decided to give it a try and to my delight, she was so so so so so gentle and so trusting with me.

She let me swing her around. She lay on her back for me. She stepped up very nicely and omg.gif she's such a cute talker.heart.gif That huge beak didn't seem so scary as before.redface.gif


I stayed with her for 45 minutes, handling her and praising her. The only thing that concerned me is that when someone would ask her to step up when she was with me, she'd lunge and bite them.confused.gif




Wasn't intending to add another to my 2 parrot flock but this happened last saturday..;)



She's home now and in Sachi's first cage. Yes the one I had before I purchased her a custom made stainless steel cage.rolleyes.gif


She seemed so attached to it so I kept it.


Mabel will have to stay in it till Emma's EH cage comes. I think it's pretty decent for now.


I didn't intend to bring her home.. but it was clear that she has *chosen* me and doesn't want anything to do with anyone she knows. redface.gif I couldn't leave her in her current set up at the petshop and clients that walk in just drive me crazy with their ignorance. So I bought her for the same cost that the breeder sold her and the manager let me walk around the store and include what I wanted.


So this is what I chose..


Booda Perches

3 stainless steel bowls and holder

1 Manu perch

1 bag each of her current food

1 Cat carrier

Emma's Favourite swing

And a big pack of Avi Cakes


Couldn't think of anything else that I wanted so I left it at that.biggrin.gif She was so happy that she wanted to cry and she told me that she was going to write all of that merchandise off as things used in the store.tongue.gif


Here's Mabel's first video taken last saturday. another one after taking a shower, a 3rd one taken this week and one taken tonight. Lots of improvement has been made. Tomorrow she will go to her first vet appointment.







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Well congrats Adina on your new aquisition of a severe macaw, Mabel has landed in the lap of luxury with you as her mom, what a lucky fid she is, she will have the best of everything, food, toys, perches and the love and companionship of her adoring owner.

She is lovely from the videos you shared and imagine what she will look like in time, I guess you weren't looking for another bird but a bird chose you, sometimes it happens that way so enjoy her and thanks for sharing the videos with us, guess we will be seeing more of her and the other two.

Thanks for giving her a forever home Adina, too bad it took so long but she is in seventh heaven now.

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Thank you everyone for the kind words and well wishes! It's been quite a transition for me to adapt to having a macaw in my home but I'm glad to report that Mabel is doing very well and remains very gentle with me. Yesterday we went to the vet for her first exam and all is well. The blotches on her her feathers are from a diet with TOO much fat and her beak should take care of itself with a steady supply or great wood to chew on. She's been on a Harrisons and homemade birdie mashie diet, fresh veggies and quality nuts since day 1 of entering my home. Did not touch a morsel of her petshop food. I am very thankful for this because I had imagined weeks and months of slow tedious conversion. She should look awesome by her next molt.


Yesterday she received a pedicure and we had her band removed which took over 1/2 hour. It was quite an ordeal because her band was the very very strong kind. The vet had to do it in small sections and give Mabel a break in between because the machine would heat up very very quickly. I guess the stronger and more destructive the parrot, the stronger the band.

The vet shared a few stories of birds who had come to him with a broken leg because the band had gotten snagged or stuck in a toy etc...


Good riddance to the past.

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