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Trying Tops pellets


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thoos are excellent pellets my birds was eating them but for some reason they seem to prefer Roudybush over TOPS , only thing about TOPS is if they leave any you have to toss them the next day and put in fresh , good thing about Roudybush is if they don't eat all of them I can leave them for 1 more day then toss whats left and put in fresh , I have 4 birds and I was tossing alot of pellets out every day so it did get costly in the long run

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TOPS has no preservatives so it gets stale after 24 hours so I image it wouldn't taste to good and not as fresh

Yes, isn't that wonderful it has no man-made preservatives, like some others, it has natural preservatives, one of them is rosemary. We treat it as all our fresh foods, we feed them what they'll eat, then give them more if they want it. No day old food lying around...Jay d

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