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garlic ok?


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Today I was mincing some garlic for a steak marinade and sasha snatched a clove out of my hand and starting chowing down. He got in a couple bites (and ate it) but I took it away from him. He then tried getting it again.

he sure had a "garlic breath".. But was just wondering if it is ok for Sasha to eat a garlic clove or not?

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I would be a little cautious of giving fresh garlic to your grey, we have a couple of threads here that have some information that it could be harmful, even one where the bird died from ingestion of fresh garlic, please do a search to find them. Sometimes it is best to err on the side of caution.

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A note on Garlic as others have stated. It is not something you want you bird to ever have more than a hint of in a cooked food dish and certainly not a raw clove.


We had a member a few years ago whose grey ate a raw clove in it's entirety and he found the poor bird dead in his cage the next morning. He did take the grey to an avian vet for for a necropsy and it was determined the cause of death was from that raw Garlic clove. Be very careful of raw onions and potatoes as well.

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