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my grey behaviour .....


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hi forum,


please help me out for understanding our grey parrot,

1 oct we bought a 5 month's baby, intialy he didn't react a lot ' we thought he is scared from new home thats why he didn't speak aur react much more like others.

in starting he used to eat in every half to 1 hour (only specific things like sweet corn,graps,pomgranate,and boiled chick peas,white beans and little green peas)

and making only 2 types of noise when he spread his feather that time only.


now its been 2nd week going on ,and suddenly he starting eat only chick pea grapes and pomgranate (only three things )he doent eat corn as he loves corn before,

and one more thing in night we coverd his cage wid a blanket and tempreture would be around 70.

in morning when we uncoverd blanket from last 2 days he is sneezing with liquid. i m worried about that . what shud i do ???? we have central ac and we put room heater with his cage.....



there is lots of thing makes me trouble..... please help me ..

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If he is sneezing and there is liquid coming from his nostrils, get him to a vet immediately. It can indicate an illness in your bird. The problem with birds is they are very good at hiding that they are sick, and it only shows when they are REALLY ill. The lack of interest in food can also indicate he is sick, so take him to a proper vet trained to work with birds as soon as you can.

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thanx for advices

now he is fine ...he is making lots of noises and whistle ..



but one problem is still remaining , he eats only monotonus food . i give him lots of thing but he doesn't eat.. how many times i have to gv him food ..????

and he comes to my shoulder and sit there and try to climb on my head... but dont let us touch his feather or head????? how can i get him trust..?

please give your valueble advise


thanx in advance ..

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Hi Pradhu - your baby will eat only what it wants (if that "want" is available). You need to start introducing some variety to his diet. Don't give him the pomegranite or the grapes - give him some broccoli, kale, carrot, green beans and perhaps introduce a little bit of seed (not too much though). Have you thought about pellets too? Although they aren't "essential" if your grey is getting a balanced diet (which yours isn't) it may tempt him to eat other things. You need to have food and water available all day, every day - they don't have set meal times and just eat when they want (constantly normally!!!).


If he won't let you touch him then I wouldn't be allowing him on my shoulder - they should only be allowed there if you have full trust - a quick swipe of that beak to your soft tissue areas won't be nice! Try putting him on your knee and talking to him. I presume he wasn't hand reared if he is refusing to let you touch him at such a young age?


Time and patience is what matters - don't give in and just give him lots of variety in his diet. There are lots of decent subjects round here to help you out. Keep going, good luck - it's worth it in the end!

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hi Jilly

thanx for ur helping advice.

but problem is that i gave him broccoli , carrot ,pears,apple banana, green pea, water melon ,sweet melon,orange,cabbage and many other veggi and fruites . but he all time rejects all things. i gave him pellets too with his sunflowers seeds. but he eat only sunflower not pellet. i gave him sproute and sweet patato also but same thing.... how do i make his interst in other things????


and one more thing is problematic that in noon around 1 to 3 pm . he set on his prech, and he is shaking his body like he feeling cold, and the ame time temprature of room is normal. i mean i don't use a/c in day time beacuse of him.... so is it normal or anything els .... please reply us

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Try chopping your veggies and fruit up small, or putting them on a "skewer" or kebab stick and making them look more interesting for him. Try sprinkling some ginger or cinammon or chilli powder on it too - a different taste may tempt him. He really does need a more varied diet and you just have to keep trying. Try taking away the seed.


There's some great recipies for "birdie mash" on this site - you want to try making some. I find that Harvey loves mashed things and gets stuck right in. Perhaps you can make birdie muffins too. Everything is trial and effort. Harvey would rather eat sunflower seeds too - but I just remove them from him when I think he's not eating the rest of the stuff - he sharp eats when he is hungry.


Regarding the "shaking" - is it his breast that is shaking, sort of quivering? If so, this is normal - they all do it and it's nothing to do with the cold. If he is shaking all over then this is more of a problem, and it's something you should be asking a vet.

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Mashingup food together and then freezing small quantities for later has really helped me expand Tobie's diet. He liked apples but not sweet potatoes so I made a mash using lots of apple and a little sweet potatoe and broccoli and healthy natural granola type cereal. Soon the mash was mostly sweet potato and broccoli and he didn't seem to notice the gradual change. Thanks Jillybeanz for reminding me. I think I'll make him a new mash today. I haven't done that in a while.

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