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House Alarm & Nilah!


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Most of you already know about Nilah.....she thinks she's soooo smart! (Well, she is!)


Every morning, when I get her out of her cage and put her and the others onto their potty baskets, which sit on the counter, she climbs down, walks precariously on the small rim of the sink to get to the other side of the counter then she reaches up to the hooks on the wall, (that's where we all hang our car keys, alarms, etc.) grabs onto the AWAY button (mind you, she has to choose between 5 buttons on my remote alarm) and squeezes it with her beak so it beeps loudly and starts the house alarm system beeping and saying "Away, exit now!" then it beeps for about 2 1/2 minutes. She quickly hears the first beep, then jumps and runs away as if to say, "I didn't do anything...!"


Every morning, she does the same routine! I'm still convinced she's smarter than my 2 greys. :)

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Roflol...............Does Nilah call "BIRD, BIRD, BIRD".......



Yes she does...just this morning, I went out early and came home to get them up LATE..........as I was walking upstairs to get Talon, Nilah was screaming "BIRD, BIRD, BIRD!!!!" frantically....:)

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