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Cages on Ebay


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Hi - I guess it's time for another question. :P

Now that I've completely confused my husband with all the breeders I'm looking into he has instructed me to direct my search into cages. Great idea.

I buy/sell on ebay all the time and just wondered if any of you had purchased a cage (or any bird supplies) on ebay. Were they successful purchases?

The pet stores around here just mark everything up so much.

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Guest briansmum

i think a few people have, i have just purchased a stand from a link given by a member here and i know she already has item i have now bought. i saw some cages while i was on my search for a new one on ebay and some looked fine. i would say that it would be fine to get your bird stuff from ebay as long as it isn't second hand, and if it arrives and theres anything suspicious about it, send it straight back!

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Hello I have a montana haiti cage for sale on ebay (under the seller we$ellanything its under the link http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=260145164999&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT


or depending on where you are you could come and collect it from my house (its is brand new and still flat packed boxed) Im asking £126 for it and also 10.99 postage 48 hour delivery?


Just thought Id let you know (I definately have a cage and I definately wouldnt let you down)


Many Thanks nooeyxx

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I bought a cage for my Senegal parrot and had a good experience with it, decent price too! I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the feather farm, they have great deals and good shipping, I've known a few people that bought from them, all with wonderful experiences!

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Thanks everyone! Nooney - yes, I am in the US & I don't buy anything overseas on ebay. :( Sorry


Loviechick - I've actually looked @ that seller this morning. Thanks for the feedback!!! Being a buyer as well as seller feedback is one of the FIRST things I take into consideration!

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