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Georgia's toys/play stand?!

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Georgia has had her toys for over a week, and she just doesnt seem to be bothered or intrested in them, whats all that about? I thought she would love them and be constantly playing with them she just sits on her perches and climbs the bars of her cage, and when see comes out, she seems to love the curtain pole lol, my boyfriend is making her a play stand, made the base out of plastic, and my dad a gardener is getting me branches for her, i just hope she uses and plays with it lol.

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Hi, Coral&Andrew! Try playing with the toys with her/in front of her. Act like they are the coolest, most fun toys in the world. Be enthusiastic, and then set them on a table or counter near her cage as she may then wonder what the toys are all about, and come out to check them out. Also, if she's never had toys before, she may well not know what a toy is! And, if she is of a certain shy personality, maybe having a bunch of toys presented all at once is too overwhelming, maybe even frightening. And lastly, I fostered a bird once who had only been exposed to toys made of pine - anything and everything else was not recognized as a toy and he had to little by little be taught that the other toys were indeed for him and to play with.



Good for you, helping her out, and so nice to hear your dad and BF are helping out, too! Sounds like Georgia is going to have a great setup! :-)

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Thanks thats great advice!

ill have to try that with her, and when shes in the cage try playing round with them infront of her, and when she next comes out ill try teasing her with them so she gets curious to what they are.

Yeah my dad said hes gonna get some branches for me to put in her cage and on the playstand and also a friend of ours, works at a plastic place, so we managed to make her base out of green plastic!

Thanks for the great advice!

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