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Georgia's picked up a bad habit screaming :/


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well everythings been going great with Georgia, just got abit of a problem, during the day Georgia is in the frontroom, with out other to birds Lenny (Budgie) and Jasper (cockatiel)

Well the cockatiel makes these noises like a highpitch squarking his isnt so bad but can get on your nerves, and obviously Georgia has picked it up -twice as loud, high pitched sounds like shes screaming!

and cause we live in a groundfloor flat, we have to think of the neighbours above,

well we seperated them all for a few hours, with georgia in the frontroom with us, and we bought the other 2 birds back in with her, i cant tell wherever there both communicating with eachother, or is just a sound shes picked up? cause sometimes they both do it at the same time and makes you feel like your heads gonna explode lol

we say to her quite firm no, n she carries on talking,whistling, then the screaming happends lol

has anyone got any advice to stop her doing this?

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Well, there are a couple of dynamics taking place here, 1) They are feeding off each other screaming wise (Big fun and something to do). 2) A Grey will make contact calls over and over if they cannot see their flock, namely you. 3) If you react be saying no and going in to shush him, it is a reward and the frequency and intensity will increase.


If possible, I would take your grey with you into the room you are, either in a smaller cage or on a T-Stand if he will stay there and not bother you too much.


I am certain others will chime in with their thoughts and ideas as well. :)

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My older ekkie does this when he can't see me after I have been out of the room for a while. I just call out to him or I go see him so he knows I'm still around and he usually quiets down. He also does this around 7:00 pm so I know that it is time for all good birdies to go to sleep. After the bloodcurdling reminder, I give evening treats to my fids (dried veggies and seeds) to lure Louie and Ana Grey into their cages, close cage doors, tell them all "nite, nite" and turn off the lights. Ana Grey use to call out to me before she was flighted and I would answer her back. She would then walk through the house to find me. Now that she is flighted, she just comes looking for me.

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Thanks guys for the help, well early my BF went out the room, and she started squarking/screaming and came back in then i did, and she did the same.


weird thing is, is even when we are sitting right next her cage on the sofa, she does it, and also she talks and says tunes then this high pitch squarking noise lol

she quite close near our birds, so she can see them both.


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