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Just bought a coconut :)


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Indeed they are. Coconuts contain something called lauric acid, which has antibacterial and antiviral properties. The milk contains a good amount of calcium, and the fat contained in coconut flesh is converted into energy rather than body fat. Plus trying to pry the flesh from the shell, and the fibres from the outside makes for good entertainment.

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Dayo LOVES fresh coconut. A bitter tase is odd as Azzie said though.


Did you scrape/peel the the thin lining off the meat? Did you notice any mold spots on the thin lining? I shake them to make sure they are as full of milk as possible and even then, sometimes once cracked open I find mold at times and just toss it.


The shells once cleaned thoroughly do make a great toy part(s). :)

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Nope, no mold... it was brown, full of milk and all. I say it was bitter.. it just wasn't sweet like shaved coconut in the bag, lol. When I talked with my mother about the taste of it, she agreed, so perhaps bitter isn't the right word? But, I did pull off the thin shell underneath, and it was fine... Most coconuts I have had in the past tasted the same... I love coconut everything... except raw coconut! :(


BUT- I gave sully another piece of it this morning and he liked it a lot. Yesterday he may have just been full from his chickpeas :)

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