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Say Hello to Lilly -=o)


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cant stop smilin here :D:D:D

went and picked up lil Lilly today and brought her home.

after gettin associated a bit with the furrier part of the family she got down to the business of settling herself in.




she started playin with a few of the cage toys


and decided on a bit of a snack, seems a bit partial to brussel sprouts n brocolli and not bad on the Harrisons so far considering she was on a quality seed mix


and she just so happened to find the big bell ..who's idea was the bell anyhow? lol

not very vocal yet but i am thrilled with how well she is doing so far.

i can see between me and tina this is gonna end up a long thread..

cya with updates tomorrow

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Oh my Lilly is adorable and she has a blush going on, how precious she is, she is settling in to her new home nicely, can't wait to hear more about her and how it goes, yes greys love bells and what a good bird to eat her veggies and Harrison's pellets, way to go Boom.

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Morning of day 3, boom/wayne goes to work lilly is on top of her cage no sooner had he pulled off the drive lilly decided to fly, went around the room 3 times then crashed landed in my dry flowers, the pups all rushing to her to see whats happened, but they didnt touch her, ok so I gets her back on to her cage and told her shes a good girl thumbsup and gave her a treat.


Five minutes later lilly decided she like flying but didnt go around the room this time she actually landed on the door frame and then lost her footing and ended up on the floor diesel and baby sniffed her luckly i have a safety gate between the living room and hallway so i closed that put the pups in there cage and then and sat with lilly telling her she was a good girl stroking down her back, got her to step up telling her how fantastic little girl she is and then i decided to put her in her cage for a while, she went bit quite then i asked her if she wanted a treat and she started chirpping again and coming up for treats, shes so clever i know im bias <3


So now i have three dogs all lying around the cage as shes forerging for all the bits she dropped all watching her to see what shes doing, I think diesel going to be protective as he makes sure the others dont get to close but its ok for him to lay his head on the cage.



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... so i wake up this morning , go make my cup of coffee and walk over to her cage.

pull back the cover we put on in the evening and she is up at the front of the cage just waiting for me to take the cover off lol

within about 10 seconds i get a chirp chirp

and tell her good morning


get her morning breakfast sorted and fresh water and she is still gabbin away like a trooper.

she wasnt really interested in food, just wanted to come out n say hi


you tell her cmere and tap the cage and she comes over for a treat


gave her a spray shower and she didnt seem too bothered by it, just kinda fluffed up a bit but otherwise seemed happy.

another few days and we will try a proper shower and see how she does

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after 2 days of using the misting bottle to shower Lilly we decided to see how she was in the actual shower.

using an extra shower rail as a make shift perch we turned the shower head on with luke warm water so it hit the front part of the rail.

put lilly on the "perch" near the dry part and moved my hands into the shower bit so they got wet. she wanted to see what i was doing so she came closer to my hands.

she wasnt sure what to do as the water was misting her as she got closer from the bits bouncing off my hands.

so i took my hands from under the water and let them drip on her a bit and she fluffed up.

didnt try to run or anything so i did it a few more times all the while praising her for being a good girl

then she decided to check out the spray on her own, walked over and kinda stuck one wing in to it and part of her body. i think she figured that was enough exploring for one morning cause after she sat for a lil bit she backed to the dry part of the perch and decided to launch up onto my shoulder.

shut the water off n put her on her cage perch where she worked on drying off and then went over to hit the food bowls for breakfast.

i feel like i am kinda lucky cause she doesnt seem like she will mind the showers once we do it a few times

we go for round 2 tomorrow =o)

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Hi im Lillys mum, Lilly decided to fly off her playpen and nearly onto diesels head today, so I put her back on her perch and she flew straight at me, so i took her out to the back door put her on the perch thats on the glass door and she was so interested in hearing the children in the playground cb735d05.jpg


After she had finished there she had some almond nut sat on my lap while the dogs sat around and got a treat then she tried to steal those but thats a no no, so she decided to fly on top of the telly which would be great if it stood on the floor but no ours is on the wall and not being very tall my self I had great fun getting lilly down off the telly and back to her perch :) rofl

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