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Not preening after bath?


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Well i have bathed her 2 times in this week i've had her, using the bathing method #2 as she doesnt like to be bathed or water in general.


She is 3 months old.


Both times after the bath i have noticed that she sits and falls half asleep and then wakes up and starts eating (or begging for food) - but not doing anything to preen or groom herself?


She only does that when she has dried completely - isn't that a bit odd?


Is there anything i can do about it?

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I have to thank Roseanna for inspiring me to give Neo a bath. I had tried spraying him while he was in his cage. That didn't work but he did act like he wanted to bathe himself. Unfortunately it was the little bowl on his playstand and he can't get much more than his head in there. I tried spraying him on the stand. That also didn't work. I put shallow dishes with water in the bottom of his cage as well as on the playtop. He showed no interest. I cleaned up the dog's dish that looks like a giant parrot bowl and put water in there. I splashed and tried to make it look fun but Neo wanted no part of it. So today I filled the kitchen sink with a couple of inches of water and plunged him in. I sprayed his back really well so he has finally had his bath. I only got one bite on my thumb. It was a warning bite but not painful so we're good. Then I put him on his playstand and he bathed his head. (Goofy bird!)


So thank you to Roseanne for posting this and mentioning Bathing method #2. I will now go thank the person who posted the instructions. (BTW, the ping pong ball did not distract him in the least! I did have some multi-grain cheerios as a back up distraction though and that worked, sort of.)

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Well good job Barbara for giving Neo a bath and yes you can thank Dave for that, he is a man who knows his grey stuff.

I would imagine that most birds do not preen immediately after a bath as they wait for the feathers to dry before working to put them into place.

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