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Issac 10 Months


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So it's been a while since I did a general update on my little friend. Thought I would drop in today and let those who are interested know how he is doing and any questions I have.


Issac is being very steady in his behavior lately. He is super friendly and, as usual, he loves to be where ever I am. He goes back and forth with his toys. Sometimes I will add a new toy and he doesn't get at it for days. Then one day, I will come home and it is in pieces on the bottom of the cage. Same with the veggies. Some days nothing, others all of it is in bits on the bottom. He still enjoys his formula and I still enjoy seeing him get all excited when its time.


One thing he started doing a little while back was chewing on my shorts to get at things in my pockets. So, rather than deter the behavior, I just designated a pair of shorts that I would wear for this latest habit. I find that he will only get these little habits for a set amount of time and then move on to another one. So I haven't been afraid that he will perminantly any one habit. Once it was my shoes and now my shorts. Sometimes I just think of how much what ever he is destroying costs, and how much a toy for him costs...and I think 'Why not...it gives me a little peace and him something to do'. Seems to work. I should take a picture of these shorts, as they now have holes and such. So get this, I wear a shirt that he can crap on, and shorts that he can chew on...imagine how I look wearing this stuff. LOL.


He did lose a couple of tail feathers. But he will get them back eventually I suppose.


He loves eggs and whole grain noodles and he seems to like melons too. He likes to get at the seeds of squash too so I hope that is okay for him to do.


I have had to get quite clever when its cage time. I have to be totally relaxed, or it tips him off. If he gets wind that I am trying to get him in, he will make it virtually impossible. Then I have to stop for a couple minutes and try again. He is very good at this game if he wants to play it. He will step up onto my hand, then quickly fly to my shoulder. Or if I get him to fly low, he will step onto my hand and fly off. If I can't get my other hand on his back, the game ensues. Little rascal. So far, this has been manageable.


He loves making his little noises. He quacks like a duck sometimes now. I talk to him constantly just like he was another person in the room. He is so much a part of my life now that I cannot imagine life without him. My little friend. I still think of him during the day and can't wait to see him when I come home.


I will have to add some of the latest pictures later. Camera is at home. Thanks for reading about my lil guy. Cheers.

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Nice update on Issac. I'm not quite sure I agree with your reasoning about Issac destroying your shoes and shorts. So he moves to your furniture next and that's alright because he'll get over it. I suppose my attitude is different because I am older and know my grey/amazon and possibly my ekkie will outlive me. I want someone to want them and love them, not for them to be included in one of the rescues because they are destructive or a nuisance. It's something I think about all the time, these are my "children" a reflection of me and I want them to be socially acceptable. I enjoy reading about Issac he is a jewel and it is obvious he loves you. I always remember how much he missed you when he escaped. How he keep calling for you and how he came down to you. Made me feel all warm with his love for you. You certainly are a great parront!

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Issac is very much a social bird and doesn't seem to misbehave in any way that makes life difficult. He can easily be stopped from doing what ever he is doing and then pick up on something else. I do have a chair he likes to chew on, but otherwise all of my other furniture is fine. He is not allowed to do anything he shouldn't...and those things are plenty. So if he likes to chew on an old pair of shorts, that's fine. In fact, he is already growing tired of doing that after about two weeks. If he tries on another pair of my pants, I stop him and say 'no no no boy' and he moves on. It's just my birds personality, not sure this would work with others.


He is amazing. I do have moments where I wonder how I will go the rest of my life making sure he is okay and that I can live as normally as possible. Those days are quickly swept away as soon as I come through the front door and see him looking at me and stepping forward in anticipation. I open the door and he can't hop on quick enough. Flutters up to my shoulder, and we are together again. He is my baby for sure. It is crazy how much i love this little guy.

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I never get tired of Isaac updates. I think you must be a sight in your raggedy shorts and "gifted" shirt. Isaac is marking his territory, LOL. It is heartwarming to hear the connection you have together. I can not decide which of you is more lucky. Thanks for the update.

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