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Some new pictures of Georgie (:

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in my into i posted some photos of Georgie thought it was about time for an update :D

im slightly jealous cause at the moment she seems to be taking to my boyfriend more then me, but her last owner was saying shes always been around men, but im not gonna give up (:

She let my boyfriend stroke her head today which shocked us both but them when i tried and he tried again, she went to bite both of us, she has been on my mine and bf shoulder though before out of know where, and also tonight shes been non stop making all these tunes, like our text tones and saying our kittens name Dodger and shes also been making miawing, growling and hissing noises like a cat - long story at night our other cat felix trys to go sleep and cause dodger is so young he constantly wants to play with her and she gets annoyed, and anyway im proud of georgia earlier she also started talking like shes trying to say sentences, but we couldnt make out what she was saying lol


Anyway hope you like the pics :D






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Yes I do like the pics, Georgie is adorable, she will be practicing her words and soon you will hear and understand what she says. It also looks like she may have chosen your boyfriend as her favorite but that doesn't rule you out completely, you will just have a slightly different relationship with her, a not uncommon one in a lot of households with greys.

Thanks for sharing those pics with us, great update too.

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