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Georgia's new toys!

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before you guys think im clever, i bought these toys - didnt make them lol :P

i like them cause there mostly wood, and im glad i found her a spiral toy which i wanted to get her,

if you notice theres toy with a key at the end of it - i bought the toy from the petshop thought it was abit odd, or is it part of the toy ?! noticed the key looks blunt but none of the other toys in the shop had a key :/ maybe its the key to the pet shop lol,

anyways we will be buying more soon, cause my boyfriend is on about making her a play stand made of different kinds of wood.





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Anyone know, are all regular (no computer chips/nothing modern) keys safe? I worry about what the metal is, and also if the key is coated with anything funky.


My Grey goes for my keys if I leave them on a table. She'll fly over to them and throw them overboard, watching as they fall to the floor, then looking at me (for a reaction??), and if I pick them up and put them back, she tosses them overboard again. Such fun!

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I would second guess using a key as part of a toy; wouldn't want my bird to think that keys are toys and make a habit out of it. If the key in his cage/playstand is his toy, who's to tell your birdie that you car, house, or work keys aren;t. I dunno...Do birds think like that?

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I think they see fun wherever they find it. If it's new, it's exciting. If it's familiar, don't hesitate to go for it.


I hate to be a downer, here, but I don't trust keys. I don't know what type(s) of metal they're made of or any possible surface coat say to help corrosion resistance.


So, it goes on the BSTS (better safe than sorry) list at my house. Which is a shame because the birds really do like to play with them.

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My birds love keys also in fact our zon got a hold of the car keys and pushed the remote starter button on the key ring and started the car when I was out side cutting the grass.

I came around and found the car running and had to go in side to get the keys from her so I could tuen it off.

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